Data Services

Sometimes, your most valuable asset is your data…

We don’t have to tell you how important your digital data is.

One of the most heartbreaking things we have to deal with is having to tell someone that those precious photos are gone forever, or all of their customer information has been permanently lost. Don’t let this be you.

Computer Chick can help!

Take a look at our Data Services and see how we can help you, before it’s too late.

Data Backup and Transfer

License & Password Backup – We will attempt to save your software license information and the account passwords stored on your computer. We can save this to a USB Thumb Drive, a CD/DVD or a folder on  your computer for your convenience. This service (no USB drive) is included with any of the below Data services). Please understand that we cannot guarantee the ability to recover/transfer your software licenses or your passwords.

User-Profile Backup – This includes all of the files stored in the user profile of your computer. This includes areas such as “Documents”, “Pictures”, “Downloads”, “Music”, etc. When possible, we also back up your saved passwords and software licenses (such as Microsoft Office). Email backups depend on where the emails are actually being stored. This service does NOT transfer installed applications and software. If you are concerned about losing certain software, please consult with us before choosing this option.
Backup only – $50, Backup with Transfer  – $100, 1TB Mechanical drive with copy of User Profile – $125

Full-System Backup – This includes everything currently stored on the computer, including installed software. Unfortunately, it also preserves any malicious software that may be lurking in the computer, as well as system errors. It is a complete clone of the computer storage device in its current state. This price covers a drive up to 1TB in size. Larger hard drives will cost extra.
Backup Only – $100, Backup with Transfer – $200, 1TB Mechanical drive with full copy of original drive – $250

Data Recovery – This service is required when your storage device, such as a hard drive, SSD, USB drive or mobile device has failed and we are no longer able to easily read data from it. This process can be very time consuming and expensive. We have two options: In-house or Mail-In. Our In-House data recovery service is what we do with our own tools and recovery software. This will ususally cost you LESS than our Mail-In service, but we have a lower chance of being successful if the drive has completely failed. Our Mail-In service sends your safely packaged device by overnight service to a professional data recovery center. There is no deposit required for the mail-in service and no fee if they are unable to recover your data.
In-House Deposit $100, In-House fee for successful recovery $1/GB (up to $1000 max) – includes destination hard drive in USB enclosure
Mail-In Deposit $0, Mail-In fee for successful recovery $1000+

Managed Cloud Backup Services – Avoid the stress and grief of having to deal with data loss and expensive recovery procedures by keeping your important data securely backed up with our Cloud-based backup services. This is a *managed* service, meaning we assist you (usually remotely) with the installation and configuration of the backup software. We let you know if the backup hasn’t been working. We also assist you if you need to get files back if needed. 
Basic Data Backup (up to 1TB – included with our “Complete Care” Monthly Service Plan, additional options are available)

All managed services require a credit card on file. Monthly managed services may be cancelled at any time.
Understand that we do not give pro-rated refunds for managed services.