Maintenance and Diagnostics

Our Annual Inspection and Tune-Up!

The normal lifespan of a computer is 3-5 years, but this can be extended with regular maintenance.

We generally recommend our Diagnostic services as the “first step” to nearly all of the services we offer. This can pair nicely with our “Annual Inspection and Tune-Up” package, which includes:

  • Full diagnostic inspection to check for hardware and software issues
  • Threat Scan with Threat Cleanup included
  • System and Browser cleanup of “junk” files
  • Removal of unwanted software to free up disk space
  • Optimization of Startup settings
  • Installation of necessary “Quality Updates” and any missing drivers for your hardware (note, installation of “Feature Updates” – which come out twice a year and are major operating system updates from Microsoft, may require an additional fee). For Apple computers, installation of OS updates may require add-on services.

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