We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Thank you for requesting an appointment with Computer Chick!

We will approve your appointment request as soon as we make sure that your requested time slot works for us. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know for your upcoming appointment.

General Information – We require a $50 minimum service charge to work on your computer (this may be waived for Service Plan members). This deposit is normally in addition to any parts that may be required. This deposit is non-refundable and includes our diagnostics, threat scan/cleanup (if available), installation of our free monitoring and support tool (if applicable) and basic physical exterior cleaning of the computer if needed. If no diagnostics are required, the full $50 deposit goes toward the repair cost.

Deposits can be paid via cash, check, card (by digital invoice), CashApp or Venmo. Final payment, due when the service is complete, is payable only by cash or card (via digital invoice) and will include any required sales tax.

We do ask that clients DO NOT show up at our location without an appointment, as it’s likely we will be unprepared for your visit or worse, unavailable.

If/when you do come to our location, we are the last house on the right at the end of Fries avenue. We have a sign. We ask that you pull into our driveway and we will come outside to give you carside service. We will be watching for your arrival, but if we don’t come out within 10-15 minutes, feel free to call us and let us know that you’re waiting.

On-Site Services (your location) – Computer Chick is happy to assist you at your location, but we need a safe expereince for everyone. If we provide ANY services inside your location, we require the following: We must have a credit card on-file. The work area must be easily accessible and reasonably clean. We require the work area to be free of trash, pests/vermin (we will not proceed if live roaches are present) or any hazards. Pets must be safely contained during our visit. Children should be kept away from the work area. The floor and work area must be free of pet waste. Please have a vaccuum cleaner handy that includes a “wand” attachment. We will wear a mask while inside your location. We require anyone who is showing symptoms of being sick, or who has recently tested positive for Covid to wear a proper mask while we are inside the location. There must be no smoking or drug use in or near the area where we will be performing our work. We reserve the right to refuse work if we feel unsafe (don’t worry, we’re not unreasonable!) Failure to provide a safe work environment will result in forfeiture of your minimum deposit.

Estimate Request – We will call you at the appointment time. We block off about 15-minutes to review your issue with you on the phone and give you our best guess for a repair cost. It is very helpful to have your computer model number or serial number handy as we may have to look up specific details about your computer. We ask that you please do not simply “show up” at our location for this appointment, unless that is arranged ahead of time. 

Computer Drop-Off (our location) – We ask that you bring your power cord (we usually only need it for laptops, but please bring it anyway). We also ask that you remove any USB peripherals such as USB adapters for wireless mouse/keyboard, or usb storage devices UNLESS the issue is related to that item. We do not need you to bring your monitor (for desktops), or keyboard, mouse, manuals/documentation. If you have a recovery CD/DVD, that might be good to bring depending on the issue. Please do not leave your computer carry case with us. 

Computer Pickup/Drop-off Service (your location) – We ask that you meet us at the door with your computer, power cord and any peripherals that are directly involved in the issue. If you need us to unhook your computer and set-up your computer, there will be an additional $50 service charge (this covers both the removal and setup when we return).

Remote Support Services (online) – We will send you an email containing our free monitoring and support tool ahead of time. Please download and install the application prior to your scheduled appointment, if possible (this saves you time and money!). We can offer PHONE SUPPORT to help troubleshoot issues with your phone, tablet or internet. However, you must have a computer that boots up into the operating system and a working internet connection if we will be doing remote support on your computer (remote desktop). We do require you to have a credit card on file with us for remote support sessions and there is a $50 minimum fee to cover the first 30 minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your scheduled appointment, please call us directly at 419-595-0235